What is PG BOX?

If you're a CrossFit gym owner or trainer, PG BOX is the ultimate gym management system you want! If you're a crosfitter, PG BOX is the best state-of-the-art attendance system that your CrossFit gym can use to maximize your training convinience.

PG BOX takes care of regular and one time group activities, money and finances, your crossfit-box member base, and much much more, and all of that in a customizable easy-to-use web interface. Taking care of your box has never been easier - want to know who has signed-up for a training a didn't come ? Want to know how much money you should have at the end of each day ? Want to easily manage regular and even special trainings, to which your members can sign-up using web or mobile applications ? No problem with PG BOX.

If you're a crosfitter, it allows you to easily find out what traings are available (either using the web site of your CrossFit gym, or using the mobile app (Android / iOS)) and sign-up for them. If the gym owner allows what, you can even see who else is already signed up for the training. Change of plans and you cannot come ? No big deal, no phone calls, just like you singed up, you sign out and the problem is solved.

Quick summary

Management system

  • modern web interface, supporting 99% of browsers (and even mobile browsers)
  • manage training types (lifintg, CrossFit, kettlebell, 'whatever you want'...), training templates ('there is going to be a CrossFit training each monday at 8pm'...) and trainings ('Jack is going to do a special CrossFit training that kids can attend next satureday at 2pm'...)
  • manage your member base - have all the info about your members you need in one place, easily searchable
  • easily manage attendees for each training
  • member benefits - reward your members for good attendance and signing up for trainings
  • easy to use dashboard giving you all the information you need to make the right decisions
  • support for passes, prepaid access and cash payments
  • support for physical badges and member cards (badges nor member cards are part of the PG BOX system, but can be ordered seaparately from us)

Web sign-up system

  • modern web interface, supporting 99% of browsers (and even mobile browsers)
  • allows members to:
  • log in
  • sign up for a training that has free places
  • sign out from a training, making room for someone that can and wants to attend
  • see who else is going to attend a chosen training
  • change their profile info (so that it is always up-to-date)
  • can be implemented either as a separate web portal, which you can customize and link to from your web site, or as iframe, which you can include on your web site, or you can implement it in your own way using a well documented RESTful API

Mobile applications

  • native mobile applications for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android
  • offering the functionality of the web sign-up system and much more
  • you can customize the app to fit your design and needs (and in case you need more than customization, just let us know)

Sounds great! Where can I find more ?

If you are interested, just let us know and someone from our team will contact you in no time. PG BOX is very modular and there is a good chance we already have what you need done or ready to roll, and if not, we can always talk about adding the functionality for you.