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Small Wings


The iTENS device is the world's first true wireless TENS therapy device that is fully controlled with an IOS or Android based app. It is a modern day electrotherapy device that merges wearable technology with the effective and lasting pain relief of a TENS unit. No prescription is needed for this approved over-the-counter, drug-free way to combat pain. The iTENS merges the proven pain relief of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) with technology of your smart phone via Bluetooth.


The Small Wings Accessory is interchangeable with the device that is included with both the Small Wings and Large Wings iTENS. The Small Wings Accessory gives you the versatility needed for pain relief in those smaller areas and flexible parts. The smaller wings grip and move easily on your ankle, knee, elbow, wrist, and other small treatment areas


  • - Small Wings with Laser printed silver conductive surface
  • - One box of gel pads - contains 3 sets of gels
  • - Small Wing Span is 4.5cm x 14cm
  • - iTens device is sold separately

price (without VAT): 82,50 €

price (incl. VAT): 99,00 €