About Us

We’re two brothers. We founded our first company KETTLEBELL.SK back in 2007, when we started to produce and sell kettlebells in Slovakia and Czech Republic. At that time in our region, nobody really knew anything about functional training, let alone CrossFit. We didn't have a Gym and wanted to spread the word, so we started free public kettlebell classes in a local park. Since 2008 we started to get into strength and conditioning training also gear-wise - this was the year in which we produced our first edition of Power Gears products. In 2011 we opened our first CrossFit box and for the fist time had a full line or products suited of strength and conditioning training - this was the point where Power Gears was born in form we know it today.

Power Gears is a family company, we run four Gyms - CrossFit Pressburg(biggest box in central Europe) CrossFit Nitra, CrossFit HomeTown and CrossFit Žilina, where all of our products are tested by literally hundreds of trainees every single day. This is the main difference in comparison to other companies in our line of work. We actually train with the weights we sell - we take our product and use it daily in the hardest conditions imaginable. Our most important job is outfitting gyms - and this we can do thanks to the one of a kind feedback we have - damn good. We take the whole feedback and forge an awesome product every time.