Facility Outfitting

If you are planning to open a new Gym or expand an already well-run one, we’re gladly at your service to take you through the process all the way. We’re known for having all of the equipment almost always in stock and are able to produce any custom rig you will think of very fast thanks to our own production of all rigs and racks, produced with lifetime warranty right at our HQ.

Opening a Gym can be pretty stressful which we know all to good, running 4 of our own, that’s why it’s always our goal to make the equipment part of the job as simple and flawless as possible for our clients, which means completely flawless. You will have enough to stress about either way, but you can be fully at peace when it comes to the equipment part of the job - we’ll gladly take this on off your shoulders.

Step 1

Contact us, send us your equipment-list, if you don’t have an idea, just let us know a bit about your space/how many athletes are you planning on working with per session, and we’ll be happy to prepare a draft equipment-list for you. On this we will further work together depending on your equipment preferences, till we forge the draft to your ideal list.

Step 2

Whether you need flooring, an iOS/Android app based administration system for your Gym, or anything between - we’ve got it all and it’s all in stock.

Step 3

Sure you get an awesome price, we’ll prepare a quotation for you within 24 hours including shipping options and all vital information.

Step 4

Want to know how it will look like? Naturally we’ll prepare a visualisation of your new Gym or custom rig free of charge, so that you get the idea we can work on together and look forward to!

Step 5

Once we’re good with the final version of your quotation - we’ll schedule the date of delivery and the next time you’ll see the visualisation of the project, you’ll be standing right within it - that’s a fact, we’ve been doing this for our clients for 10 years!