Warranty and Return Policy

General conditions

In your own interest please check your order right when the courier delivers it. You are entitled to return it, if there are mechanical errors present, or if the order is incomplete. In this case you're entitled to exchange your order for a different product, or the return of full price of your order(the decision is yours).Mechanical damage, which wasn't discovered right whilst receiving the delivered order, is to be announced right after discovering it: e.g. after opening the delivered package or after the first use. Later returns concerning mechanical damage will not be applicable.General warranty* lasts for 12 months. The warranty* for constructions, olympic barbells and speciality barbells is for a lifetime.

*Warranty doesn't cover mechanical use - if the product gets "worn-out" caused be common use, incorrect use of the product, or its incorrect storage. Enforcement of the warranty applies on manufacturing defects and will be reviewed within the claim-process. Limited warranty covers sale products, this lasts 90 days from purchase.

How can I apply my claim?

Please inform us concerning your claim via e-mail, or give us a call. After that please send us the afflicted product to our address (CrossFit Pressburg, Udernicka 9, 85101 Bratislava, Slovakia). Please attach a note describing the reasons of your claim.We'll take care of your claim asap, at latest within 30 days starting from the day your product was back-delivered to us.
Product I got delivered is damaged, do I have to pay for sending it back?

At first, yes. But when it turns out, that your claim was justified, we'll return all the money spent for the shipping back to us. Or you can use this amount for a discount on any future purchase you make in our e-shop.