Competitor Bundle

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Power Gears Competitor Bundle contains all elemental pieces of equipment every striving funcional fitness competitor or athlete has to have in his/hers garage Gym. With this package you can practise your weighlifting skills, get through your strength training session or throw in a grueling workout.

Depending on your choice, the competitor bundle comes in women′s or men′s version.

Bundle contains:

- PG Bushing Series Bar 15kg or 20kg

- Bumper Plate Set (1,25kg; 2,5kg; 5kg; 10kg; 15kg; 20kg plates – all coming in pairs)

- Lock-jaw Collars x2

- Eco Certified Rubber Tile 20mm x2

- Squat Stands

- PG Bench

- Kettlebells 16kg or 24kg

- Dumbells 2x15kg or 2x22,5kg

- Medball 6kg or 9kg

- Gymnastic Rings Wooden Competition

- Jump Rope

- Plyobox