Gymnastic rings wooden competition

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This discipline of gymnastics - rings was introduced at the Olympic Games as early as 1896. The discipline has not changed much since then and it has remained as part of the Olympics until now, which makes them certainly familiar at first sight. Rings are suitable for everyone - whether you are a beginner athlete or an experienced gymnast,  everyone can benefit from the wide spectrum and variety of exercises. 


These rings meet the strict specifications of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) in terms of material and dimensions. They are made of high-quality wood that is sanded smooth and has no additional surface coating. As a result, the rings have a soft surface that is pleasant to touch and hold better in hand. Natural properties of wood also ensure that the rings can absorb a small amount of moisture and magnesium and therefore increase the grip even more. Our small logo is engraved on the surface of rings, but we have taken care to ensure that it does not affect the characteristics of rings in any way.


The straps included in the package can be extended to a maximum length of 2.5 meters and are marked each 7.5 cm of length, with a number mark every 30 cm (1 foot). This will enable you to easily identify the height at which the individual rings are suspended, eliminating the eternal problem of setting the same height. The straps with a width of 37.8 mm have a strong carabiner thanks to which you don't have to worry that straps will loosen in the middle of the exercise.




  • Total diameter: 23,6cm
  • Inner diameter: 18cm
  • Handle diameter: 28mm
  • Max. lenght of straps: 2,5m
  • Straps width: 37,80mm
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Natural wood without surface coating

Great for home workouts, essential for any gym.


The price listed is for one pair.