PG Bushing Series Bar 20kg

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The PG Bushing Bar 20kg series is the 5th Generation of our Olympic weightlifting bars. It is the most improved and most durable barbell on the market.
Over the years, we have focused on developing the barbell to the perfection, so it meets our high standards. 

This bar meets all the features that an athlete or the gym owner can wish for.

Our Gen5 bar has become the answer to all the goals we wanted to achieve with this product. The loading sleeves are constructed using bushings, which provide
easy rotation of the sleeves on the bar even under heavy load. Thanks to this, the rotation of bumpers loaded on the barbell will never bother you again.

The notching of the grip part is designed for medium roughness, thanks to which the grip will not be loosen even during intensive training and a high number of repetitions, and at the same time it guarantees to hold the barbell in the hand during a one-time maximum snatch or clean and jerk.

We have developed an ideal product for every professional fitness gym, but it's must have accessory for every homegym aswell.


  •  28mm diameter
  •  material: 205000 PSI tensile strength steel
  •  knurling: moderate
  •  capacity: 900kg
  •  bushings material: brass
  •  knurling goes all the way to the end of the bar providing you the extra grip right at the outer sleeves
  •  no center knurling
  •  upgraded outer sleeves to fit more weight
  •  no matter the amount of use, the bar will remain straight as an arrow (caution use, not abuse - using metal plates as bumper plates e.g.)
  •  maintenance if any, as easy as possible
  •  the bars durability doesn’t compromise its flex and speed
  •  black on black design