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Bar Shield

Convenient and Effective. All-in-one barbell maintenance kit designed to increase the longevity and function of your equipment.

Bar Shield kits include:

(1) 8 oz. bottle of Bar Shield Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Wear Formula

- Biodegradable and Safe: No harm to people, animals, or the environment

- Odorless: No chemical smell, as we have cut out all of the extra additives

- Quick: Apply the formula to your barbell and be workout ready in a matter of minutes

(1) Custom Branded Wooden Brush with Nylon Bristles

- Controlled strength: Coarse enough to remove grime, but gentle enough to preserve your finish

(3) Microfiber Towels

- Lint-free: Will not leave fuzz behind on your barbell

- Washable: Reuse your towels to lighten the load on our environment

(1) Infographic Postcard with Quick Instructions

price (without VAT): 80,00 €

price (incl. VAT): 96,00 €