Kettlebell pink 8kg

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Our Gen5 kettlebells are again a bit upgraded! The Gen4 kettlebells were already optimal shape-, size- and coating-wise. But we’ve decided to take them a bit further. We’ve developed brand new molds, whose main difference is that already the raw kettlebell comes out of the mold smoother and more uniform, so that only a minor mechanical conditioning is needed. This way we've developed a much neater final product.

It goes without saying that also for the Gen5 kettlebells we use as little coating as possible, which secures the handle’s structure essential for an efficient grip, but doesn’t make a sacrifice to high-rep workouts. Another key feature to our kettlebell’s coating is that after a certain time, especially when training actively, after the kettlebell gets beaten up, no sharp edges will appear on the handle, which could hurt one’s hands. While this is a common thing with low-cost kettlebells that use thick layer of coating to cover-up imperfections, it’s a definite no-go for our kettlebells.


Optimal coating structure for a firm grip and high-rep intensity workouts as well.

Widened bottom for better stability for exercises on the floor (man makers, renegade rows, etc.)

Sizing of each of the weight categories based upon long years of testing and upgrades.

Ideal distance between the centre of the kettlebell’s gravity and the centre of the handle, rising alongside with the weight category going from lighter to heavier.
(essential! A kettlebell must rest on the forearm, not on the wrist)
guaranteed weight accuracy (+/-10g, especially important for official events)