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Rig Peg Board

Don’t have free walls at you Gym? We’ve got you covered with the first ever commercially sold Peg Board for your PG Rig!

Peg board - a high wall that you have to climb up by placing pegs into progressively higher holes, is enjoying more and more popularity. No wonder. This piece of equipment is great for building your upperbody, core and grip strength.

PG Rig Peg Board is made from heavy-duty polycarbonate and could be vertically attached to any PG Rig. This one is just as durable as our wooden version, battle tested by athletes on the competition floor at The Alpha Games 2017.


- length: 162cm

- width: 70cm

- 25 holes

- 10 mounting holes

- coming with 1 pair of pegs

price (without VAT): 241,67 €

price (incl. VAT): 290,00 €