Kettlebell PG 48kg

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For more than three centuries, kettlebells have helped athletes develop stronger, more powerful bodies by combining strength training with ballistic movement. Take a cue from history and train with kettlebells to increase your fitness level.

Our newest PG Kettlebell is a solid single piece cast coated with matt powder finish. 

It goes without saying that also for the PG kettlebells we use as little powder coating as possible, which secures the handle’s structure essential for an efficient grip, but doesn’t make a sacrifice to high-rep workouts.


Great for home exercise, essential for any gym. 

Single cast, one solid piece kettlebell, without any weak points. 

Optimal coating structure for a firm grip and high-rep intensity workouts as well.

Widened perfectly flat bottom for better stability for exercises on the floor 

Sizing of each of the weight categories based upon long years of testing and upgrades.

Ideal distance between the center of the kettlebell’s gravity and the center of the handle, rising alongside with the weight category going from lighter to heavier.


  • Product Weight: 48kg
  • Handle Diameter : 4cm
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Debossed Weight Indications and PG Branding

It doesn't matter if you are looking for one kettlebell, bunch for your home gym, or whole sets for large facility we've got you covered due the wide selection from lightweight beginner ones (6-10kg), all the way to our heavy duty kettlebells (40-60kg)

Weight Tolerance: +/- 3%