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Banana Bag

Once you try it, you'll never forget to bring it to your travels!

It's really easy to inflate, you just open it up, run a few steps to fill the chambers with air - and you've just got yourself a really comfy sofa. Or you can just use an Air-Bike!

Take them with you to competitions, so you can chill in them or take a nap in-between workouts, place them in your Gym or take them with you on the road, so you can rest your legs whenever and wherever you decide!

Our banana bag comes in a handy storage sachet weighting only 0.5kg while measuring 24 x 7 s 37 cm, so it really is remarkably space - saving and travel - friendly. After inflation, measurements go up to 190 x 80 x 50cm.

price (without VAT): 50,00 €

price (incl. VAT): 60,00 €