Xebex Curved Treadmill

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Innovative Technology

The Xebex treadmill is unique in its design with a curved track made of interlocking slats. This design allows users to utilise the equipment without requiring any electricity whatsoever. The treadmill simply moves with gravity and user weight, allowing you to be in full control of your workout – a revolutionary design in the industry.

Full-Body Workout
The Xebex is an effective way to incorporate a full-body workout to your routine as the curved running service places a greater demand on the user than traditional motorised treadmills. For this reason, you can expect to burn up to 30% more calories when using the Xebex for both walking and running. Built to withstand quick speed changes, the Xebex is ideal for high intensity interval training, too. The unique curved running surface glides with virtually zero friction, allowing you to stop and start your workout with ease without having to navigate a variety of settings and electronic buttons. Users can control the track speed with their own body motion. The belt speed will increase as you walk on it and slow down when it detects a decrease in activity.

Cardiovascular Versatility
The curved treadmill is designed for cardiovascular exercises, offering a variety of functions for users. These include aerobic fitness, anaerobic power (speed training), anaerobic capacity (interval training), speed training (technical work, sprints, acceleration techniques), rehabilitative locomotor patterning and decreased ground reaction force training.

Self-Powered and Easy to Operate
As the Xebex is completely powered by the user, the process to get started is quick and easy. Simply jump on the Xebex and shift your body weight forward to walk, jog or run – depending on the speed and force you exert. You can slow or stop your Xebex platform at any time by simply slowing down or stopping your movements. This allows for extra safety for the user, as there is no risk of system malfunction.

Low Maintenance
A further benefit of the Xebex treadmill is the low level of maintenance required for owners and users. The Xebex can run for up to 25,000km before needing a belt adjustment, belt change or slat swap. The Xebex’s motor free design allows for operational longevity and minimal upkeep.

Safer than Traditional Motorised Treadmills
As there is less friction due to the interaction between the belt system and the transport system, there is no heat generated when using the Xebex curved treadmill. This eliminates the risk of friction burns and abrasions if the user were to slip or stumble while using the equipment. Additionally, the slat deck of a curved treadmill allows for a substantial amount of grip for users when compared to convention treadmills, which would typically use cotton-nylon belts.

Easy assembly, Storage and Transportation
As the Xebex curved treadmill does not require a motor for operation, there are no electrical requirements when assembling or transporting your equipment. Minimal labour is involved due to the small amount of screws, rods and cables needed for operation. The Xebex curved treadmill measures 1700mm x 880mm x 1700mm.