Xebex Rower 2.0

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  • - 42kg Heavy Duty Frame
  • - 225kg Max User Weight
  • - 140cm Monorail


  • - Tracks distance, speed, pace, watts, Set Calories burned, and HR
  • - Uses the same formula as Concept2 D Rower
  • - Programmable Interval Functions (Work, Rest programs)
  • - Set Distance time tracking


  • - 1 touch adjustment on footing
  • - Fold-Up design for easy storage and transport
  • - Seat is 53cm from ground for easy entry/exit
  • - Extra padding on seat
  • - Extra padding on handle


  • - Net Weight: 42kg
  • - Shipping Weight: 50kg
  • - 244cm x 33cm x 120cm


  • - 5 year frame, 2 year parts

How does the Xebex Rower Feel?

The overall pull of the Xebex Rower runs smoother with every pull. The Xebex Rower was designed so that as you build momentum, the pulls become smoother. The feel of the Xebex Rower is very similar to what was used in the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games. The damper setting allows you to change the resistance from 1-10. Having the damper setting at level 1 mimics rowing near the surface with less resistance, whereas setting the damper to level 10 is similar to a deep row with heavier resistance.

How does it compare to other rowers?

XeBeX Rowers have been tested with 1,000,000 pulls from Robotic Arms without failure. The damper settings have a larger range of resistance from 1-10, which allows users to find the perfect damper setting for them. The base of the rower sits nearly 2' off the ground making it easier to get in and out. We also made the seat heavily padded so the user will be able to row more comfortably for longer periods of time. We've also run side-by-side comparison tests for distance and calories over 60 second period which can be viewed on the last picture slide.

The Console

The Xebex Rower comes with a simple, easy-to-use console that gets straight to the point. The Xebex Rower starts to track distance, calories, time and paddle width immediately after rowing is commenced. This means that you will begin to see work output as soon as the first pull is finished. Once rowing begins, Calories, Distance, Time, Watts, Heart Rate, and even Paddle Width begin to track. Heart Rate reader works with any 5k Frequency chest belt or watch. Program variation is available and can be programmed for SET or TARGET distance, calories, or time with a 500m pace option. There are also pre-programmed interval settings and a "Just Row" option! The Xebex Rower measures Calories, Distance, and Watts using a formula unique to Xebex Rowers.

What is Xebex Fitness?

Xebex Fitness is the cardio equipment brand for functional training applications. Backed by 20+ years experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing traditional cardio equipment, Xebex Fitness operates under the same company as Get RXd and currently offers Rowers, Air Bikes, and Treadmills.